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Welcome to NagVis Exchange!

NagVis Exchange is a repository for hosting community provided extensions to NagVis. You may find all types of extensions like Templates, Iconsets, Shapes and so on to beautify your NagVis maps for even more better visualisation.


NagVis is a part of a great community. The continuous contribution of the community is an important addition to lead such solutions like Nagios and NagVis to success. Be a part of it!

Give your portion back to the community. When you built some sort of extension you can easily sign up to NagVis Exchange and upload your files.

No need to register

If you only want to download extensions you don't have to register. Just click on the "Exchange" button above and download the extensions of your choice.

For your safety uploading files is only possible as registered user.


You experienced some sort of problem using NagVis Exchange? Don't hesitate to contact us!