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This gadget is a partial rewrite of the pChartBarGraphLoad.

Changes to the original pChartBarGraphLoad.php:

  • Made the gadget thinner - removing the legend, title and outer graphics
  • Changed the scaling of the chart from dynamic to START0, making the y-axis always start at 0 and scale to 1.5 times of the critical threshold. This gives a better overall overview of unnatural peaks, since the scaling will always be the same.
  • Removed unnecessary calculations and variables, reducing the lines of code significantly
  • Added dummy perfdata for correct display of the gadget in the NagVis WUI
  • Implemented handling of the new scale parameter coming with NagVis 1.4.3


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florian07 2010-02-23 10:32:51 a nice gadget, but can functionnate with nagvis 1.4.6 version ? because I have just link and not image.